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The Pottstown Area
Health & Wellness Foundation

152 East High Street
Suite 500
Pottstown, PA 19464
fax 610-323-0047

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Process & Online Application Instructions


The Pottstown Area Health & Wellness Foundation accepts all letters of intent, applications, and reports via online submission.

Accessing Online System

Letter of Intent Form:

  • Use this link only to begin a NEW proposal (even if you already have an account or have submitted/started a separate proposal)
  • On your first log-in, you will be creating an account for your organization.  There is only one account per organization.  Please plan accordingly for the proper usage of passwords & information sharing with colleagues.
  • Note that the system will ask you to enter your organization’s tax ID number if you have one (schools and municipalities can provide a primary telephone number as your tax ID number).
  • Please check your email immediately following your first online session.  You should have a message from the system confirming your account set-up.  Please check spam/junk folders and adjust filters, if necessary.

Grantee Portal:

  • Use this link only to access proposals you have already started or submitted.
  • As you move through our grants process, you will use this portal to submit all required information and documentation for your grant.
  • The email & password used upon initial letter of intent log-in will grant you access to the portal.

Letter of Intent (LOI) Stage
Using our online application process, potential grantees will access the LOI form, creating a new account if necessary, and provide the Foundation with information about both the organization and the project proposal.
Formal letters of intent are no longer a requirement however, after providing the required information in the online portal, applicants will have the opportunity to upload a formal letter to our Foundation if they so choose.  We will accept and consider the addendum but it is not necessary to complete your submission.

If you choose to submit a letter, please identify and describe the organization and primary contacts that will oversee this project and explain how this project ties in with the Foundation’s mission of enhancing the health and wellness of area residents.  This addendum should be presented on the organization’s letterhead and be no more than one page in length.

Please check the Due Date as late proposals will not be considered.
Applicants can anticipate a response to this stage via email within 6-8 weeks.

New Account & Letter of Intent Tutorial

Move Ahead & Application Stage
Our staff and Grants Committee review all proposals and send “Move Ahead” notifications via email inviting grantees to submit a full proposal or a “Declination”.  Please note that an invitation to submit an application does not signify nor guarantee an award.  It informs potential grantees that PAHWF is interested in the concept; however, more information is necessary for further consideration. The staff and Grants Committee may at this stage provide recommendations for focus or request additional specific information to be included in the full grant proposal.

Grantees will access the online portal, prepared with the following supplemental documentation needed to submit a full proposal:

  • Project budget on PAHWF form (Excel)
  • List of current board of directors with names, addresses and business & community affiliations and the percentage of board members who contribute to your organization
  • Annual organization budget for the current year including income & expenses
  • IRS verification of 501(c)3 status
  • Last audited financial statements including opinion letter or copy of most recently filed 990 tax form, if agency does not have audit performed

If an application falls within funding priorities, staff may request additional information regarding an organization, or proposed project or program.  A site visit or interview may also be scheduled.

Please check the Due Date as late proposals will not be considered.
Applicants can anticipate a response to this stage via email within 4-6 weeks.

Application Tutorial
Download Project Budget Sheet

Award Stage
Applicants will be notified of our Boardís decision of the action taken. Once a request has been approved for funding, the applicant will receive a “Grant Agreement Letter” via e-mail. This will specify the conditions of the grant award, the grant terms, any special requirements for payment, and the evaluation information needed from the grantee to measure the success of the program. This letter is to be signed by the Chairperson of your organization’s Board and the Executive Director, and returned to the Foundation before grant funds are dispersed. This can be scanned and submitted online in the grantee portal. If your application is declined, you will receive a notice via email and an invitation to speak with a Program Officer about your proposal

Reporting Stage
Grantees are required to submit an “Interim Report” every six months for the duration of the project, culminating with a “Final Report” at the end of the project.

Please understand that failure to comply in a timely manner with reporting requirements set forth in the grant award letter will result in the deferral of future proposals until all compliance has been adequently fulfilled.

The Progress Report is a tool for the Foundation to monitor the effectiveness of the grants funded. It is also a method for the grantee to measure the programís progress, allowing any needed changes to be made to accomplish the purpose for which the grant was intended.

Please check the Due Dates as we like to share these reports with our Board in a timely fashion. Grantees will use their PAHWF online portal to submit report requirements.

Reports Tutorial

If you have changes in personnel that cause a need to change the user for your organization, please contact us!