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Providing opportunities for our community to enthusiastically embrace a healthier lifestyle.


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The Pottstown Area
Health & Wellness Foundation

152 East High Street
Suite 500
Pottstown, PA 19464
fax 610-323-0047

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Grant Application Guidelines & Priorities


The Pottstown Area Health & Wellness Foundation (PAHWF) is a 501 (c) (3) private foundation. The Foundation was established in 2003 as a result of the sale of Pottstown Memorial Medical Center. The Foundation is governed by its own independent Board of Directors. The Foundation is seeking grant proposals, consistent with our identified mission, to improve health outcomes in the Pottstown region.

Within Pottstown Area Health & Wellness Foundation’s mission of improving the health and well-being of local tri-county residents, we have priorities for which our grants are required to serve:

  1. Funding programs and solutions for long-term improvement in healthy behaviors.
    1. Promoting healthy living through nutrition, activities and programs in public and private schools to reduce obesity and encourage healthy living.
    2. Improving parks, programming and the built environment to increase access and physical activity.
    3. Creating and promoting social networks involving healthy living.
  2. Funding programs for physical health and emotional well-being.
  3. Funding learning opportunities and strategic planning to strengthen non-profits.


Proposals submitted to PAHWF will be evaluated for the ability to:

  • Serve residents of area zip codes, within a 10-mile radius around Pottstown: 18074, 19435, 19442, 19457, 19464, 19465, 19468, 19470, 19472, 19473, 19475, 19492, 19504, 19505, 19512, 19518, 19525, 19545, and 19548.
  • Provide outcomes with measurable objectives tied to PAHWF priority areas (1, A, B, C, 2, 3)
  • Clearly fit one priority area
  • Use innovation and creativity to promote collaboration within community
  • Demonstrate efficient and effective management of finances to promote sustainable success within the organization or program.

The Foundation generally does not provide grants for individuals, for-profit organizations, disease-related charities, endowments, debt-reduction or loans, alumni activities, individual medical bills, arts, and/or economic development.

Event Related Requests for Support:

PAHWF acknowledges community efforts to promote wellness and healthy lifestyles in event related capacities.

If considering submitting a request for event support that is less than $2,500, please contact Rose Walters, RoseWalters@pottstownfoundation.org with event related information and what is being requested. This may include a monetary event sponsorship or donation of a promotional item such as bottled water.

For event funding requests that exceed $2,500, please use the following guidelines to aid you in submitting a letter of intent in one of our regular grant cycles. Goals for Large Event Requests:

  • To promote the Foundation’s service area as a “destination” for all-purpose parks and recreational activity, including:
    • In-park activity on a sustained basis;
    • Periodic in-park activity over a sustained time;
    • Sustainable park and recreational activity resulting from regular or periodic short-term activities/events.
  • To support events that align with the Foundation’s mission and which incorporate local parks, trails, river, and/or other local natural resources. Guidelines for Large Event Support Grant Requests ($2,500-$10,000):
  • A minimum of two years demonstrated success with the event.
  • Commitment to provide lasting community benefit, such as a pre or post-event health-related activity associated with the event lasting at least several weeks in duration.
  • The special event to take place within the 10-mile service area with a special priority given to activities that take place in local parks, trails, river, and/or other local natural resource areas.
  • Grantees will be encouraged to engage in a Strategic Planning process in order to better plan the future roadmap of their event.
  • Grantee must submit all required documentation with application to demonstrate non-profit status, project budget, organizational fiscal responsibility, and board of director involvement.
    • Grantees are encouraged to apply for requests during the specified grant cycles each year.
    • The Grants Committee and Foundation staff will process all event requests as they do other grant requests

Questions regarding large event, grant-related requests can be directed to Ashley Pultorak, apultorak@pottstownfoundation.org